About: My approach to photography

 I approach photography from two maybe three points of view simultaneously. 

As an artist, I look for the light and the mid tones of evening light to aid in my observation of the smallest detail.. utilizing my skill with composition I take poetic license to catch a moment in time...

And as an ecologist, Gardening has been a labor of love. I work with organic soil, vegetables and herbs, flowering shrubs, to encourage birds and butterflies as well as other insects of good will to my garden, especially the Honey Bee.

Being a lover of nature I want to preserve and nurture all plant life.

The photographs of the flowering plants you see I am delighted to say grow in my garden.   

The birds you see call my garden home and the other critters even though we've met by chance.  I have a feeling  that the lettuce and clover I've planted encouraged them to to make my garden their home now.

Thank you for visiting my web site,

Anne Barbara Zarcone

art © anne barbara zarcone 2018